• Epsom Salt

    Epsom Salt helps with sore muscles after a workout and is often used in a bath. The idea is that soaking in an Epsom Salt bath helps in the muscle recovery process. Other benefits of Epsom Salt is to relieve stress, menstrual cramps and even helping in getting a goodnight sleep!

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

    Virgin Coconut oil may be good for the skin because it is rich in oils and very moisturizing. It is easy to apply directly to the skin and poses few known risks. Not only that, Virgin Coconut Oil is also found to have an anti-inflammatory effect, but it relieved pain as well.

  • Natural Menthol

    Obtained by the crystallisation of Peppermint Essential Oil, menthol stimulates the skin's receptors and creates the ultimate feeling of freshness. Menthol is known for its decongesting and soothing effects on muscle tension. A powerful analgesic, Menthol is widely used by sportsmen and women to reduce the sensation of pain.

  • Unique Blend of Essential Oils

    Our unique blend of essential oils not only gives you that perfume scent, but also good for all skin types, especially dry and sentitive skin. Enriched with anti-oxidants, this unique blend of oils can help in brightening and rejuvenating dull-skin. It also has antiseptic, astringent and detoxifying properties.

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